On to the next chapter

On Wednesday the 23rd of July I ceased full-time paid work. I will miss my colleagues, many of whom I consider to be friends over and above working side by side, but I will NOT miss the place I worked, the politics, the petty power plays, the indifference to the importance of some of the work we do, and the general belittling and demoralising of anyone who tries to change things for the better.

After much research I decided to take out what Superannuation call a ‘pension’. This works out to be a pittance with conditions, but I don’t care. At least I don’t care until I need money for a medical bill for one of the kids or the cats or something else I really care about.

Of course, the real hope is that I manage to publish enough of my writings to dispense with the pension till much later. But first I’ve got to find time to do some editing, some writing, a business card, this web site (thanks Jean Weber), and some publisher hunting! 🙂

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