Nanowrimo or Na-no-write-at-all

Here it is the 10th day of Nanowrimo. I’m supposed to have 16000 words written by now, aren’t I?

I blame October. September is usually my hell month, but this year I came down with a really nasty bug on the 1st day of October and didn’t emerge from my sick bed till the month was almost over. Nanowrimo preparation time – nonexistent. So I cheated and picked a story I was planning to re-write anyway. There! Preparation done.

Now to write. First time in my life – blank page. Fidgets. Check Nanowrimo websites. Download what Patrick Rothfuss had to say. Don’t do this, don’t do that, write!

So I thought of all the things I had to do – aided by the neglect of the previous month. It’s spring here. Spring planting hadn’t been done, post winter pruning and weeding and … well you get the picture. Neglect had killed all my geraniums. Yeah, right, I hear you say. Nothing kills Geraniums. Well, news for you, they are susceptible to Black spot. My illness had meant no spraying. No spraying equals dead Geraniums. Had to be ripped out before further infecting my garden, didn’t they?

So … writing? Did a 1000 words one day. Then I went swimming (part of my regular healthy activity regime). Came back too tired to sit and write. End of 1000 words.

Then what, you say? I dunno. You tell me. Here it is at Day 10 and that is still all I have written, and there are so many things not being done because I’m supposed to be writing, aren’t I?

Oh well, another Nanowrimo with no writing. Maybe if I get all that other stuff out of the way …