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My Publisher has folded.

Satalyte Publishing is defunct. I have managed to secure about twenty paperback editions of  ‘NIL BY MOUTH’ from them. These are available from me for AUD$15 plus postage. Contact me directly at I will even sign and dedicate them for you. 🙂 I am still writing. Both short stories (just missed out on a …

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Two new short stories published

Well actually, of the two, one is new, the other a republication. Antares Anthology Vol 1, edited by David R. Grigg and MJ Kobernus (Nordland Publishing 2016) has now been published with a mixture of Australian Authors and others from around the world. My two short stories are: “Nematalien” (p 51) “Thirty Five Years” (p132) Available …

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Nanowrimo or Na-no-write-at-all

Here it is the 10th day of Nanowrimo. I’m supposed to have 16000 words written by now, aren’t I? I blame October. September is usually my hell month, but this year I came down with a really nasty bug on the 1st day of October and didn’t emerge from my sick bed till the month …

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Mini reviews of some Hugo Award Winners

WINNER BEST NOVEL: Jemison, N.K.                  The Fifth Season The only novel not on a puppy list! I gave this five stars in Goodreads. It surprised me in a good way. I have tried to read NK’s work before but The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms read so much like a typical high fantasy I couldn’t even get …

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Drander’s Back Story now available

Drander is my alien protagonist in my novel Nil By Mouth. Her back story is now available from Paper Droids.

Suffer the Children. (Warning: mild political rant)

It’s been a while since I last blogged. That’s because I have been busy. Before Christmas my daughter and I took a cruise to New Zealand and after the New Year we took a cruise to New Caledonia. I might post some pictures about that some other time. After the cruises I have been preparing …

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Pluto – not only demoted but now being replaced entirely!

In recent news Caltech astronomers Batygin and Brown have announced that they have found evidence of a 9th planet of sufficient size to affect objects in its path. They call it Planet 9, others are calling it the New Pluto, Planet X, or even (rather jokingly) Nibiru.   The six most distant known objects in …

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Review of Award Winning ‘Tell Me Why’

My review can be found here:

Damn you Jim C Hines!

For years I have been a subscriber to The Australian Ballet Company’s annual series of ballets. My favourites are what are now called ‘the story ballets’ – Nutcracker, Coppelia, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty, amongst others. In the past I have adored this romantic tale of the prince waking his sleeping princess with a kiss. …

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Review of Unnaturals

My review is published here: