Mini reviews of some Hugo Award Winners

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Jemison, N.K.                  The Fifth Season

The only novel not on a puppy list!

I gave this five stars in Goodreads. It surprised me in a good way. I have tried to read NK’s work before but The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms read so much like a typical high fantasy I couldn’t even get past the three pages Amazon allows you to read for free.

Then this. This is sooo different!

 “This is the Way the World Ends”.

Marvellous hook, and she does not disappoint from then onwards.


Image result for neil gaiman sandman overture deluxe edition imagesWINNER BEST GRAPHIC STORY:

Gaiman, Neil                   The Sandman Overture (The Deluxe Edition)

Beautifully, wonderfully, illustrated by J.H. Williams III and (colourist) Dave Stewart, with a guest appearance by Dave McKean.

I loved this book so much I posted a five star review on Goodreads. If they had 7 stars available I would have given it that!

A real treat for the senses. The deluxe edition is an olfactory pleasure, tactilely delightful and visually stunning. Then there is the text!
I admit I found it occasionally confusing, especially in the beginning but the artwork – absolutely beautiful complex artwork by JH Williams III and Dave McKean – helped clarify what was going on.
This book is a real pleasure in all the ways that a real book has over an e-book.


Image result for images the martianWINNER BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION, LONG FORM:


Beautiful effects, almost zero violence, amazing protagonist who just kept going and going, even when it all appeared hopeless. Deeply thought provoking. I have no idea if the botanical science would work (several people have said not) but it seemed so plausible while viewing it.