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Six Impossible Things

Lewis Carroll via Alice told us we should do six impossible things before breakfast. I do that – every single day. [1] I wake up. Not impossible, you say? Ever since I got put on insulin, this has become a chancy business. The same dinner, the same amount of insulin, the same midnight snack, and …

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Review of Grievous Harm by Sandy Curtis

My review is published here:

Emerging Writers’ Festival 2015

As an author who has only published one novel, I still qualify as an ‘Emerging’ writer, as opposed to an ‘Established’ one with many items of writing under their belts. This year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival (EWF) also incorporated the National Writers’ Conference (NWC), an event I’d never heard of before but was quite happy to …

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Book of Kells

  I had an opportunity in December to make a short trip across to Ireland. At least, since I was already in North Wales as part of a month long overseas trip, it was a short trip. My daughter and I took the Ferry across one afternoon, stayed the night in the Temple Bar Inn, …

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I have been shortlisted for not one, but two jury awards. See my NEWS Page for the details

I am Interviewed!

Galactic Chat interviewed me late October. You can hear the podcast at: –

What Authors did in Days of Yore – review of a Victor Hugo Exhibition

In conjunction with the play being on in Melbourne, Australia, the Victorian State Library is holding an exhibition of related material. My mother, my daughter, and I took ourselves along one day. We saw lithographs of Paris in the time the events are set, we saw the first published edition, the original musical score, were …

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